Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Mystery of the Druids

967 MBThe Mystery of the Druids is a classic adventure game in which the player, in the role of rookie Scotland Yard detective Brent Halligan, must solve the mystery about an enigmatic order of druids as well as a series of gruesome murders. These neo-druids seem to perform human sacrifices in order to summon incredible dark powers. During his investigation, the lanky anti-hero and the young female scientist Dr. Melanie Turner enter deeper and deeper into the long-forgotten secrets of age-old rituals and, with the help of white-magic druids, they have to travel back in time and stop the preparations of the rite already in the past . Only in the ancient past they have a chance to obtain the key to saving the world, the secret order's golden sickle.

Brent Halligan, a Scotland Yard Detective, is on the trail of a murderer whose victims suffered heinous acts of dismemberment. Similar murders took place years earlier, but the wrong man was sent to prison only to be killed before his innocence could be proven. When similar murders begin to happen again, Halligan is determined to solve the case once and for all. Searching for clues, the mystery of the Skeleton Murders evolves bit by bit. Halligan has many puzzles to solve in this 3rd person mystery adventure game.

The Mystery of the Druids is a very good adventure game that deserves the attention of fans of the genre.

Game Features:
* More than 50 locations of the past and present.
* More than 370 interactive scenes.
* More than 20 characters to talk to.
* 5 hours of voice-overs.
* 30 minutes of video sequences.

This game is not suitable for young children or very squeamish adults. It contains frequent references to murder and occasional references to cannibalism. Explicit graphic images of violent acts may frighten or offend some people.

(Right click in "The Mystery of the Druids.exe", properties, compatibility)


Download 5 part:

The game works fine in XP.
I don´t know if the game works in Vista.

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