Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bionic Heart [FINAL]

164 MBA science-fiction adventure!

Luke still remembers the stories that his father used to tell him about the scientists, the ones who predicted that the climate was out of balance. But no one listened until it was too late. Now the world is dark, trapped in a permanent rainstorm, and the past seems almost like a legend. Luke works an unfulfilling job as a bio-informatic engineer, in an unhappy relationship, with no sign of a better future.

Science can both create and destroy. Luke is about to meet Tanya, an incredible being who will turn his life upside down. But does she bring good or evil? And in the year 2099, what does it mean to be human?

An exciting visual novel where your choices determine the outcome. Can robots and humans find peace and happiness together, or are they doomed to disaster? Over twenty endings waiting to be discovered!


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