Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Immortal Defense [FINAL]


Immortal Defense at its core is a tower defense game--a game of strategy where you place down defensive structures and seek to prevent enemies from reaching what you are protecting. In Immortal Defense, the enemies move along a set path and have to be destroyed

One unique aspect of Immortal Defense is that the mouse cursor itself fires at enemies, and can charge up and execute special attacks.

There are 11 "Points"--aspects of your will--which you can use to defend. The main strategy of the game is deciding which "Points" to place, where to place them, and which to "upgrade" (spend resources to power up). I'll now describe five of the eleven Points, to give a sense for their individuality.

Game Features:
* A psychological, character-driven storyline written by an accomplished writer.
* Over 15 hours of real-time strategy "tower defense" gameplay. One-hundred core stages and fifty custom optional stages, with more to
be added each update.
* Eleven types of towers, with seven upgrade levels each, balanced and useful for different situations, each based on a different emotion.
* Twenty-seven types of enemies (including bosses), each with distinct abilities.
* Level editor for extendability and customization.
* 10 different difficulty levels, for those whose strategic skills vary.
* An original soundtrack with over 40 minutes of music. Also available as a free download.
* Adjustable "procedural" graphics effects.

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