Sunday, February 21, 2010

Texas Cheat em

76 MBIt's not whether you win or lose... it's about how far you can bend
the rules without getting caught. In Texas Cheat 'Em, that's pretty
darn far. Play casino-themed mini-games to activate one of 15 cheating
abilities - then make your own luck. Turn a bad hand into a sure thing.
Send your opponent's Royal Flush right down the drain. Steal chips,
fold for free, or know the community cards in advance. Cheat strangers
out of their fortunes... before they do it to you. Remember: glory is
forever, but broke is only funny when it happens to someone else.

Game Features:
* Forget those namby-pamby games that insist on fair play. Texas Cheat
'Em is a card-based party game that's all about winning - by any means
* Play fast-paced casino-themed games like Roulette, Blackjack, and
Strength Test to activate your cheating abilities
* Use one of 15 available cheats to give yourself an advantage. X-Ray
Vision reveals an opponent's cards. Don't like the hand you've been
dealt? Swap a better card out of the deck. Or forget the cards and
steal another player's chips!


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