Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lighthouse The Dark Being 2.0a

895 MBYou are checking your phone messages in your summer cottage one evening, when you discover an urgent plea from your eccentric neighbor Dr. Krick, who lives in the old converted lighthouse next door. He has had to leave suddenly and he asks you to look after his baby daughter, Amanda, until his return. Concerned, you hurry over, but all is quiet and apparently normal with Amanda sleeping undisturbed. Making yourself at home, you decide to take this opportunity to look around, admiring the coziness of such an unusual place.
But as you explore, you run across Dr. Krick's journal and find that he has apparently been doing research, and has discovered some sort of strange parallel universe: the world of a demented 'Dark Being'..... and with a sudden sinking feeling, you realize that's probably where he has gone. Hurriedly you rush to check on Amanda, only to arrive just in time to see her snatched from her crib by the very same creature described in Krick's notes, and taken by him through a shimmering open portal! Hesitating only a moment, you make up your mind ..... and follow.

You walk through the world (with 5 different regions to explore and some fascinating alien technology), solving puzzles, reading journal and log entries, and soaking in the beautiful visuals.

This is a strange and wonderful adventure, the music is great, the animations are really cool, the graphics are amazing, the puzzles are exquisite, and the story is great.

When the game asks for the other disc,
press Ctrl+F4 to swap discs.


XP and Vista.
JUST UNRAR AND PLAY,Game+Walkthrough.


thanx to kfgd63

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