Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Laxius Force 2 The Queen of Adretana

63.2 MBA unique land surrounded by the seas, the Deport is the homeland of the Laxius Force heroes. Weare about to enter the Grand Winter, most of the Northern Territories are getting covered by
snow. Fanta, home of the wizards, and Mt Zulle, the elven/human town, are involved first.
Indinera, legendary woods and cradle of the elven nation, seemingly cannot be affected by the
weather changes. Metrolia, ex-capital town of the Deport, is now only ruins. Tyrine, Adretana
(aka Jewel of the 1001 Lakes) and SankT Leona, the other major towns, are struggling on severalsides. But now a tragedy is about to oppress further the Deport. A powerful organisation, calledthe Order, and ruled by a lord nobody has even seen - the Grand Commendanter. Everything isaffected by their actions. Every town is in danger. In the wilderness, creatures become hostileand start attacking people. Nobody dares to venture outside of the town anymore - unless a tough,experienced warrior.Is the Order responsible for these changes? What are they preparing? What ishappening to the Deport? And who is courageous enough to stand up and fight for their lands?


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