Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hidden Magic FINAL

49 MBThis happened in a fairyland. After long wanderings couple magicians - Gabriel and Anna - moved away from everyone in the little house on the edge of the forest. One day, when one of them was not at home, ominous shadows crept out of the woods. They broke into the house, and soon jumped out, carrying a large bag. Then the shadow disappeared in the woods as quickly as it came. Arriving home, the second magnetic field detected signs of a struggle throughout the home, and his love has disappeared. After inspecting the room, he realized that they had visited the house of evil goblins ...
Captivating game "Hidden Magic" is a mixture of various genres. Then there are puzzles, and battle using magic spells. In the game you have to choose one of the main characters - Gabriel and Anna - and go in search of evil kidnappers. On the road you have to deal with different people the magic of the forest that you are not going to just let go. And you have to do battle against each of them.
"Hidden Magic" appeal to all lovers of mystical tales and magical battles. A colorful game graphics immerse you into the world of magic and enchantment. Excellent musical accompaniment, three modes of play through, two of which are available immediately - all this you will find in this amazing game.


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