Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Travels with Gulliver [FINAL]

50.5 MB"Travels with Gulliver" is a match-3 game that follows Sedona and the members of her book club as their luxury yacht travels the world in the path of Gulliver. Their charming story takes some unexpected turns, including a bit of romance and a bit of mystery. The adaptation of Gulliver's Travels "Voyage to Lilliput" relates the classic story in easy-to-read installments. You’ll get your passport stamped in exotic ports and piece together local scenes to earn postcards. Well-crafted game play, lush artwork and a spectacular original soundtrack make "Travels with Gulliver" a trip to remember.

Game Features:
87 Match-3 levels providing 6-10 hours game play (or more!)
7 Jigsaw puzzles
7 Unlock-able wallpapers
Collect postcards and passport stamps
Beautiful artwork
A spectacular soundtrack
Accessible adaptation of the classic Gulliver story

thanx to TAC-CM

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