Monday, March 1, 2010

Haunted Mansion: Mirrors [FINAL]

241 MBFar away from town there was an old house. There were many rumors about it but nobody knew anything about it for sure.
If Stan Riddle had ONE weakness it was that he just could NOT resist a bet, even a small one. Stan’s friends were always challenging him to do stupid and crazy things.
But this bet was different, just go inside, his friends said, walk to the corridor wait there for 5 minutes and come out.
Stan walked to the corridor and saw the mirror; he walked up to the mirror and saw his reflection looked strange, as if it wasn’t him somehow.
Suddenly there was a crashing sound and the mirror was shattering into pieces. And that is how his nightmare began.
Haunted Mansion Mirrors is a fun new hidden object game. Discover 19 rooms of hidden objects with a fun story line and unique mini games. Interact with items to uncover mirror shards to rebuild and avoid the curse of the mirror.

links are interchangeable (you can download 1 from HF and 2 from RS and they will work)

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