Monday, December 7, 2009

Scrabble 2007

61 MBThe most popular letters game of the world is back on PC!
Compete in craftiness against the computer or against friends to combine the letters in the most appropriate way!
Place your letters wisely to complete already formed words or create new ones and take advantage of bonus squares to increase your score.
Developed in partnership with the French Federation of Scrabble, this new edition will make everyone, if they are not already, hardcore players of Scrabble®! In addition to the traditional SCRABBLE game, you can play any one of over a dozen mini games for a quick, fun dose
of SCRABBLE gameplay.
Challenge yourself with anagrams, two- and three-letter word games, word placement, and the new SCRABBLE Blitz.
SCRABBLE is enough to keep casual players engaged for hours and turn serious players into SCRABBLE masters!

* A Strong Franchise : A 70 year old license; a game translated in 29 languages, with more than 100 million units of the board game sold worldwide; the interactive version of the game knows an
unequalled success with more than 350,000 units sold since 1997.
* A New Interface : A functional interface allowing players to start the game with three clicks of the mouse. Also features an ergonomics offering with new graphic themes for the board and letters, and various levels of zooms and angles of sight.
* Includes The Official Scrabble Dictionary: The official Collins dictionary is included and is easily updatable.
* Six Different Game Modes: Standard & Duplicate Modes (game Mode used in clubs and official championships) Anagram, Enigma, Crossagram and Junior.
* A Coach to Improve Skills: A mentor to analyze the game and advise you at a strategic level; also includes a library of commented games to improve your skills.
* Multiplayer: Up to four players on the same computer, which allows participants to play between friends or versus the computer; up to 100 players via the Internet in Duplicate mode.
* Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence: An AI game created for novice players as well as experts, corresponding to the expectations of the French Federation of Scrabble and validated by Franck Maniquant (world champion of French Scrabble and Champion of France in 2001).

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