Monday, December 7, 2009

Comdex Computer Learning for Kids

69.8 MBThe way computers have changed our lives is indeed fascinating. Even small kids are getting exposed to them wherever they go. It’s not surprising if they start saying "C" for "Computer" instead of "Cat".

Well, have you ever tried to explain to a curious kid

* what a computer is
* how it works
* what it can do
* how it was made

The "Comdex Computer Learning for Kids" attempts to do just that!
This uniquely designed book is perhaps the first ever attempt to bring home to the kids, the concept of computer through the things they are familiar with.
To arouse and sustain kids interest in Computer Learning, it uses cartoon characters, colouful and vibrant illustrations, nursery rhymes and fun-filled exercises.
All these go to make computer learning easy and simple


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