Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trailer Park Tycoon

132 MBTrailer Park Tycoon uses expanded gameplay to highlight the humorous elements of the game – a unique cast of characters, hilarious amenities, interesting settings and the most funky trailers ever created. To master the game, the tycoon must attract residents, manage their relationships and maintain their happiness. Select a setting – country, city, desert or swampland. Build fun and funky trailers – choose from trashy/flashy and cool/old-school – and make your residents happy by building bars, planting pink flamingos, and opening a video store. Or, shake things up with an oozing outhouse, attack dogs and beer can pyramids. Keep your cash flowing by upgrading your trailer park and attracting new tenants. Sick of someone’s stuff? Throw a bomb on it.

System Requirements:
450 MHz Processor;
16MB Direct3D or OpenGL 1.1 Compatible Video Card;
64mb System Memory; Direct Sound compliant sound card;
200mb of free hard disk space;
DirectX 8.1


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