Thursday, December 3, 2009

TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins v1.7

94.4 MBTAGAP is a 2-D platformer and run and gun shoot-em-up. In the game, the player controls cyber-penguin Pablo on his quest to save the Earth from the conquering plans of his lunatic creator, Dr. Glowenko.
The keyboard is used for movement, interaction and weapon swapping while the aiming are handled with the mouse, giving player 360o firing freedom. TAGAP features a wide range of weapons. Some, like the shotgun, flamethrower and minigun are standard weapons in most video game arsenals. Others like the OMG-20k and the Disintegrator are unique to the game. Pablo can carry eight different weapons, all featuring two firing modes.
In addition to these mobile weapons, throughout the game the player can also control a few heavily armed combat vehicles. These include a miniature Helicopter, a laser turret and a small space fighter. These vehicles also have secondary fire ability, such as rockets (helicopter) or charged plasma bursts (space fighter).[...]

System requirements:
• Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
• 1000+ MHz processor
• 256 Mb RAM
• 132 Mb free hard disk space
• OpenGL® compatible video card
• Windows® compatible sound card
• Keyboard and mouse

Thanx to Pavilion

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