Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife

108 MBLUXOR, the #1-selling, action-puzzle game, blasts outside Egypt’s borders and onto the Silk Road. When the sacred artifacts of Queen Nefertiti are robbed, her earth-bound spirit calls upon you to find them so her eternal spirit can rise.

Wielding the falcon-winged shooter of Horus, you choose your own path on an expansive journey out of Egypt. Propel marbles and make color matches of three or more to try to eliminate the chain of advancing spheres. Match certain spheres and power-ups and treasures drop down to enhance play. Chase thieves and collect artifacts along the way to solve the mystery of Queen Nefertiti.

Your great adventure awaits in LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife!

Never before seen game mode pits you against a challenging shooter
Venture out of Egypt to six exotic lands on your quest
Story with twists and turns narrated by Queen Nefertiti
Conquer all new achievements
Innovative new power-ups

Thanx to TAC-CM

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