Saturday, December 5, 2009

Berkley's Bass Tournament Tycoon

94.2 MBFishing fans and tycoon gamers … this is your universe! Enjoy the first ever Bass Tournament Tycoon game. You can play as three unique identities … you can CREATE your dream bass lake as the “Master of Fish & Water�; you can MANAGE your own bass fishing tournament; and you can COMPETE in a pro tournament to test your skills against the field.

With ground breaking features such as the “Bass-Cam�, that lets you follow the underwater path of a trophy bass or the ability to truly sculpt the land both above and below the water, this game delivers an extraordinary tycoon world creation experience combined with rich and vibrant graphics . You build the lake and the ecosystem, you become a tournament tycoon and you live the dream of being the champion all in one great game that’s totally addictive.

Game Features:
18 Challenge levels
8 Sandbox environments
Dozens of level variations
1000’s of useable items and game variations
Set up the tournament- recruit sponsors, manage finances make it big!
Use GPS, SONAR and your own customer rigs to haul in the trophy
Exclusive Bass-Cam

System Requirements:
Windows 2000/ME/XP
Processor: PIII 800 MHz
256 MB RAM
Free hard drive space 500 MB
Direct3D-compatible 3D Video Card 64MB
DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card


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