Monday, November 30, 2009

Animal Agents

69 MBWhen Sophie goes out one morning to feed her cute little dwarf rabbit, she discovers to her horror that Fridolin has gone! Her parents are sure that Sophie has forgotten to close the stable door and are deaf to her claims that she has found suspicious footsteps and a mysterious scrap of cloth.
Only her brother Leon and her friend Anna are prepared to stick by her. Together they decide to investigate the theft. Whilst undertaking their detective work, the three animal agents stumble across a major plot and a dark secret. Many more animals have disappeared from the surrounding area!
Take on the role of Anna, who is spending the summer holidays on her uncle’s farm and looking after the horses. Or play the part of Leon, investigating the secret of the stolen animals with the help of his brave dog. The animal agents need to search more than 20 locations yielding over 1,000 clues. Will you be able to free Fridolin and discover the secret?

Game Features:
An exciting detective story, told from two points of view
More than 20 mysterious locations
Over 1,000 clues
A great variety of tasks to dispel any boredom

Thanx to TAC-CM

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