Friday, October 30, 2009

Balls of Steel – 5 Tables – Full version

63.5 MB
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It's my favourite pinball! The one and the only. The best pinball ever!!! It will easily work under XP if u will read simple instruction included in *rar file. It is a full game, five tables - other internet downloads offer in 99.9% only promo Creature Attack - only 2 tables - as a full game.

The best pinball games have hidden levels, animated beasties, and plenty of surprises. Balls of Steel has all the above.

Each of its five tables has a theme, from barbarians slaying dragons to space commandos on alien search-and-destroy missions. Those themes play out gradually and it may take hours before you see the entire retinue of a table's features. Hit the right target sequence and you can set off a horde of scurrying ants that, when rolled over, squish with a satisfying "splat." In other circumstances you may have to complete a series of events: Defuse a bomb threat by shooting your ball up the airport ramp several times to "load the buses," then send the ball up the freeway ramp to escape before detonation.
And like many modern-day electromechanical tables, BOS also offers a dot-matrix graphic display that presents minigames, like a variation of five-card Monte or a space alien shooting gallery.

Balls of Steel is realistic, first and foremost, with real physics behind the ball movement and table obstacles. This game behaves like you'd expect it to. On top of that, there are many special effects and table animations. Finally, event triggered music, and each table has characters that speak during the gameplay, to you and to each other. This really adds life to the game compared to other pinball games you've played.


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